Our commitments

Food safety

As an industrial player committed to manufacturing high-quality food products, food safety is our top priority at Avi-Charente. We are IFS certified. We are also Ecocert certified for a portion of our activity.

Respect for the environment

As part of our Environmental Policy and based on an analysis of risks and opportunities, we are committed to: 

  • Protect the environment
    • by analyzing our environmental impacts (energy, water, waste, waste, noise ...) and reducing them
    • by preventing and controlling the risks of pollution of the air, water, soil as well as noise pollution
    • by preserving the natural environment by
      • reducing our consumption of water, gas and electricity
      • reducing the pollution of rejected water and our waste
      • reducing our consumption of plastics and cardboard. 
  • Meet these compliance obligations
    • by determining our compliance obligations
    • ensuring that the operations carried out comply with legislation and regulations
    • assessing compliance with these compliance obligations
    • correcting regulatory nonconformities
    • by providing the required information to interested parties.

Local partnerships

As an SME invested in boosting the La Rochelle area economy, we take pride in creating long lasting local partnerships. We regularly take on apprentices from the Surgères ENILIA secondary school (http://enilia-ensmic.fr/) and source most of our main raw materials within a radius that is as small as possible (western France). Our commitment in the local community also takes place within an array of cultural and sporting events such as the La Rochelle Marathon and the La Rochelle Autumn Rally (car race).

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